Даша (danilovna) wrote,

Alda Merini

And then make love.
No sex, just love.
And by this I mean
slow kisses on the mouth, on the neck,
on the belly, on the back,
bites on the lips,
intertwined hands,
and eyes inside eyes

I mean, hugs so tight
to become one thing,
bodies stuck and souls in collision,
caresses on the scratches
clothes off, together with fears,
kisses on our weaknesses,
on the signs of a life
which, until then
had been a little wrong.

I mean, fingers on the bodies,
creating constellations,
smelling scents,
hearts beating together,
breaths traveling
at the same pace.

And then smiles,
true, after some time
they hadn't been anymore

make love and don't feel ashamed,
because love is art,
and you're the masterpieces.

[не знаю, насколько это сносный перевод с итальянского, взят с сайта переводов]
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